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Welcome to Oni Party, a 4 players versus Arcade Action Game with a top down view.

You and your friends will play as a group of demon hunters on a mission, but as you are killing your ennemies, the group finds a curious red mask.

One of you could not resist putting it on and sadly triggers its curse, transforming him into what they hate the most : an Oni (japanese word for demons)

To save your cursed friend you will have no other choice but to shoot him with your hunter's cannons.

Hunter  Controls (3 players) : 

- Left Sticks to move 
- Right Stick to aim
- RB to shoot a cannon ball

Oni  Controls (1 player) : 

- Left Stick to move on the field 

GL & HF 

Matthieu Guez - Producer

Antoine Fevre - Producer

Paul Thibault - Lead Dev

Abdelkader Vandamme - Dev

Raphael Da Costa - Lead Game Designer

Paul Nogal - GD

Mark Kadzharov - Lead Graph / Environment Art

Romain Habib - GD / Art

Louan Costa - GD / Art

Externe IIM : 

Gabriel Tuna - Sound Designer


Oni_Party.zip 23 MB

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